Why Facial Treatments In A Physiatrist’s Office?

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At PM&R Associates we do Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine is the use of substances, usually from the patient’s own body, to stimulate the patient’s body to repair itself. One of the most common substances used is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). We use PRP to treat arthritis of both large and small joints, inflammation of tendons and ligaments, and even spinal pain due to facet joint arthritis and degenerative disc disease. It is a short jump to use the same medicine to help cause healing in a patient’s face.

Because we have such an extensive history in the use of PRP, we bring a wealth of experience to the treatment table. Because we have the equipment to do stem cell therapy, we can produce the Platelet Rich Plasma at a cost well below what is usually charged. We do not need to buy additional centrifuges or expensive oneuse kits. This allows us to offer Microneedling Facial Treatments at a cost well below what is charged elsewhere. We use real PRP from the patient’s body, not some off-the-shelf generic “serum”.

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