Should I Have a Radio Frequency Neurotomy?

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If you have had pain relief with either a facet joint injection or facet nerve blocks, you may be an ideal candidate for Radio Frequency (RF) Neurotomy. It has a success rate of 90% if pain relief with nerve blocks were previously successful.

The procedure is minimally invasive. The patient’s the affected nerves are located with X-ray equipment before local anesthetic is applied. Once the correct nerves that are causing the persistent pain are found, radio waves are generated and sent through electrodes, which cause the needle to become hot. The hot needle is used to ‘burn’ the damaged nerves, cutting off its connection to the spinal cord, so that any pain signals have no ability to reach the brain. If your brain does not receive the pain signals, you feel no pain!

The procedure can cause discomfort afterwards and pain relief medication can be used during this recovery time.

The procedure is outpatient, which means you can simply walk out of the clinic after the therapy to allow you to recover at home. This prevents the high cost of hospital fees.

To learn more about how RF Neurotomy may be the ideal pain management solution for your discomfort, contact us at PM&R Associates to book a consultation today!