Our Team

Our Medical Director, Robert K. Silbert, M.D., a Board Certified Physiatrist, trained at the University of California, Irvine, has been in private practice in rehabilitation medicine since 1974. He has been the Director of the Spinal Rehabilitation Service at Methodist Hospital and Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. He strives to provide his patients with successful treatments by utilizing conservative as well as innovative solutions.

He has been doing spinal injections since 1978. Dr. Silbert’s special area of interest is Regenerative Medicine. He was one of the first in the Midwest to inject Chondroitin and Glucosamine into the intervertebral discs. More recently, he was the first to perform a PRP injection (Platelet Rich Plasma) and adipose-derived Stem Cells into the discs, and has been the Lead Investigator in an IRB (Industrial Review Board) study on the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, and also formally trained in the treatment of degenerative disc disease utilizing Stem Cell Therapy Injections.

In addition to the Regenerative Medicine, he does offer the full gamut of fluoroscopically-guided procedures, including vertebroplasty, radio-frequency denervation, discography and disc injections for the diagnosis and treatment of discogenic pain, epidural steroids, selective nerve root blocks, facet joint injections, and trials for spinal-cord stimulation.

In addition to the spinal procedures, he does peripheral joint injections with steroids and non-steroidal solutions, platelet rich plasma and stem cells. He also does soft-tissue treatments including Proliferative Therapy and Regenerative Injection Therapy (platelet rich plasma injections and stem cell transplants).

As a carryover from his role as Medical Director at the hospitals, he works closely with allied health professionals, such as physical therapy and psychology, and offers pain management modalities, such as the use of short and long-acting opioid therapy.

He has been a long-standing member of the local and state medical associations, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine and the Spinal Intervention Society.

Our Registered Nurse is the lead team member of the “back office”, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the Medical Department.

She plays a big role in patient education, especially for those new patients scheduling for Stem Cell Therapy, providing data on the results in our clinic, and assisting those patients trying to make the decision to come to our facility.

In the surgery suite, she assists the physician with all procedures and is there to comfort and lend a calming hand to the patient during the procedure, while providing a step-by-step explanation of what will happen during the procedure.

The RN is responsible for making sure that prior authorizations have been coordinated with the insurance companies prior to scheduling procedures

The Medical Assistants help with the check-in and check-out processes for the “back office”, maintaining the flow of patients and generally keeping the office on a timely schedule. They are responsible for the patients’ medication refill requests, and field medical questions for the patients. They do the processing in the lab for the PRP and Stem Cell procedures. Their function is also to operate the fluoroscopy and ultrasound machines.

The Nurse Practitioner is a vital part of the Medical Team. She provides adjunct care for the patients in coordination with the doctor.

Her primary responsibilities include seeing patients for medication follow-ups and prescribing medications as needed. She is able to tend to their medical problems and helps to resolve any issues resulting from medication side effects. When necessary, she will cover for the RN and MA positions.

Our office staff personnel have worked together as a team for the last thirty-five years, having a combined total of 113 years of medical office experience. Needless to say, you will always find a familiar face when dealing with one of our team members. Their expertise varies in dealing with scheduling appointments, insurance billings, accounting services and medical records. They are available to our patients whenever questions or concerns arise.