Is Spinal Cord Stimulation Right for Me?

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If you have back or leg pain that isn’t responding well to other forms of treatment,  such as surgery, regenerative medicine, or medication, then spinal cord stimulation may well be the best option for you. Read on to find out more about this new way to help regain your quality of life!

To understand spinal cord stimulation (SCS), we must first understand how pain works. Pain is generated as electrical signals between your brain and the rest of your body through your nervous system. These signals run up and down your spinal cord. It is when pain signals in the affected area are sent to the brain that you feel it, so the SCS is a device that works by ‘masking’ the pain signals. It intercepts the pain before it reaches your brain and replaces it with its own electric signals that the brain receives instead. That way, you don’t feel the pain sensation any more.

Patients have reported reduced pain or just a light tingling feeling where the pain used to be. Of course, this may not be for everyone, which is why the SCS device, complete with wires is installed in the epidural space on a temporary basis for one week. If the patient is satisfied with the results, it can be made permanent with a battery that lasts up to a decade before it needs replacing. Side effects can include a persistent tingling feeling in place of the pain that may be difficult to get used to.

The SCS implant procedure for a trial  is done in our office which prevents hospital fees.  The implantation of the permanent SCS device has to be done in an ambulatory surgical center.

To learn more about how SCS may be the ideal pain management solution for your discomfort, contact us at PM&R Associates to book a consultation today!