Have you been experiencing joint pain that shows no sign of going away, no matter what you do? Is that inflammation getting worse over time, not better? If so, you may be suited for concentrated growth factors.

What are concentrated growth factors?

Concentrated growth factors, or CGF, is a form of regenerative medicine, which is an exciting field of medicine that works by harnessing the body’s own ability to heal itself. This is achieved by injecting growth factors extracted from healthy donor placentas and amniotic fluid.

How do concentrated growth factors work?

Growth factors work by stimulating tissue, ligament, and other cell growth, triggering recovery in your joints.

Are concentrated growth factors safe?

Growth factors are regulated by the government and are inspected for safety before they are declared safe for use.

Are concentrated growth factors right for me?

If you have been struggling with joint pain for a long time without any positive results from treatment, growth factors may be the ideal treatment solution for you.

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