A Doctor That Listens

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A doctor that listens to you – shouldn’t that be the bare minimum for any physician? It seems obvious that if you have an ailment or a condition, your doctor should be hearing you out before making any decisions about you. It’s your body, after all!

However, it seems as though a doctor that listens to you is few and far between. Just the other day, a new patient came into my clinic. I sat down and listened to him. Nothing out of the ordinary for my typical routine with my patients. However, he said that no other doctor he had ever listened to him. He thanked me for listening to him, which is my job!

I have spent the past forty-four years listening to patients and helping them. I understand that the only way to develop a successful relationship with patients is by allowing them to communicate to me how they feel before determining the best course of action for them. Patients are tired of being told what to do and told what’s best for them without being heard out. Trust is earned – I have earned the trust of my patients by listening to them and taking their concerns into account, and by doing so I have been trusted to have their best interest at heart.

Do you want a doctor that will listen to you?